Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mao and Single Party States

I am posting the outline of single party states that is issued by IBO. I have also added some possible questions below the outline. The questions you will be asked on the test will come from the following bullet points. Always be prepared to compare Mao and Stalin on EVERY question.

- Conditions that produced authoritarian and single-party states
- Emergence of leaders: aims, ideology, support
- Totalitarianism: the aim and the extent to which it was achieved

- Methods: force, legal
- Form of government, (left-and right-wing) ideology
- Nature, extent and treatment of opposition

Domestic Policy-
- Structure and organization of government and administration
- Political, economic, social and religious policies
- Role of education, the arts, the media, propaganda
-Status of women, treatment of religious groups and minorities

1. To what extent did Stalin and Mao follow their stated ideologies?
2. In what ways did Stalin and Mao use and misuse education and arts?
3. Compare and Contrast Stalin and Mao's use of media and propaganda.
4. Compare and Contrast the domestic policies of Mao and Stalin.
5. Analyze the methods used and conditions which helped in the rise to power of Stalin and Mao.
6. Evaluate the successes and failures of Stalin and Mao.
7. Compare and contrast the status of women during Stalin's and Mao's reign.
8. Compare and contrast the methods used to maintain the regimes of Mao and Stalin.
9. How did Mao and Stalin gain power?
10. How did Mao's ideology differ from Stalin's ideology?
11. To what extent did China and the Soviet Union become totalitarian nations?
12. To what extent and by what methods were Mao and Stalin able to eliminate opposition?


Mariah said...

How would you set up buckets for the question 'To what extent did China and the Soviet Union become totalitarian nations?' Would that be an economic, political, and social set-up or something else?

kelsie said...

I think that would be the most logical. Except I think it might be better to use military instead of political. Then the aspects of being a totalitarian nation are easier to defend and we would have more evidence.

Anonymous said...

So I am having a little trouble putting together good buckets for the question "To what extent and by what methods were Mao and Stalin able to eliminate opposition. The information is pretty evident but I am pulling a blank as how to put it together. So any suggestions??

Mr. O said...


I might look at how they pre-empted opposition by the use of propaganda and the education system. You might then look at their attempts to break opposition groups along with the use of prison systems, and then you could finish with political purges. Just a thought or two.

"Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task." ~William James